Holidays to India: An adventure for all the senses

India is quite simply unlike anywhere else in the world. Visiting this amazingly vast and diverse country is so much more than an ordinary holiday, it’s an adventure and an experience for all the senses! Holidays to India offer the chance to immerse yourself in one of the most vibrant, exotic and fascinating travel destinations for a truly extraordinary experience.

India is home to some of the most mesmerising sights, landscapes and cultures in the world. Due to the incredible diversity of this country, India can really offer something for everyone. Explore some of the most vibrant, bustling cities in the world and haggle at colourful bazaars. Take a boat along the holy river Ganges at sunrise, marvel at the Taj Mahal and visit ancient temples. Explore imposing heritage forts, extravagant palaces and crumbling colonial architecture. Search for tigers and elephants or take a camel safari across the Rajasthani desert. Learn yoga or go trekking in the mighty Himalaya mountains, relax and party on the beaches of Goa or simply unwind while cruising through the palm fringed backwaters of tropical Kerala. In India, the possibilities really are endless.

India is also a deeply spiritual country that embraces the modern world whilst still firmly celebrating its colourful ancient culture, festivals and traditions. Experiencing India’s unique culture, spirituality and the warmth of Indian hospitality are some of the most enchanting aspects of tours to India.

With so much to see and experience in India, make the most of your holiday by opting for one of our well planned India holiday packages, which offer expertly wonderful itineraries that showcase the best attractions.

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